The Importance of a Last Will & Testament in North Carolina

Did you know that under North Carolina law, if one spouse dies without a valid will, the other is not automatically entitled to all the deceased spouse's property?  In some cases, the deceased spouse's parents may be entitled to a portion of their estate.  In other cases, the children of the deceased spouse may be entitled to a portion of his or her estate.  While many people say they wouldn't mind for their children to receive a portion of their estate, such a situation requires that a court-supervised guardianship be established and the court must approve how the funds are being spent to benefit the minor child until the child reaches adulthood.  Even more troubling for some parents, as soon as the child reaches 18 years of age, the remainder of the child's share is distributed outright to him or her.  This process can be cumbersome and is entirely avoidable with the appropriate estate planning documents.  

Sample Estate Planning Fees*

Standard Estate Planning Package for a Couple - $750

  • 2 - Last Wills and Testaments
  • 2 - Durable/Financial Powers of Attorney
  • 2 - Health Care Powers of Attorney
  • 2 - Living Wills

Standard Estate Planning Package for an Individual - $500

  • 1 - Last Will and Testament
  • 1 - Durable/Financial Powers of Attorney
  • 1 - Health Care Power of Attorney
  • 1 - Living Will

*These are anticipated fees for simple estate planning documents.  

For estate planning requiring advanced trusts or extensive asset protection, anticipated fees will be quoted at your initial consultation.

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